Hurricane Lane – BE PREPARED! Results for the LGBT Caucus election of Officers & Steering Committee Members

With Hurricane Lane now at a Category 5 Hurricane and that there are only 2 shelters in Hilo that can handle a Category 3 Hurricane and every other shelter can handle less than a Category 2 PLEASE make sure that you use the next 36+ hours to prepare. If you need tips to being prepared please visit NOAA’s website for tips.
Tonight at 4:30 PM at ILWU HQ (Mahalo nui loa to our labor o‘hana) we held our elections in accordance with the LGBT Caucus By-Laws and here are the results:
LGBT Caucus of the DPH 2018 – 2020 Steering Committee

Chair – Michael Golojuch, Jr.                            Kaua‘i Rep: Paul Spear

Vice Chair – James Mateo                                Maui Rep: Deb Cohen
Secretary – Lynn Robinson-Onderko                 HI Rep: Zahava Zaidoff aka “Z”
Treasurer – Larry Smith
At-large: Kirk Johnson
At-large: Kainoa Kaumeheiwa Rego
SCC Rep #1: Eileen McKee
SCC Rep #2: Michael Golojuch, Jr.
When I was re-elected chair I announced tonight that I will be establishing the following committees. If you would like to chair or sit on any of these committees please let me know. Once I hear from you (aka 14 days from August 22, 2018) I will talk with the Steering Committee and make appointments after that conversation.
Communications                          Legislative
Membership                                 Fundraising

Please note that the County Reps will be looking for help to strengthen our outreach in the neighbor counties, not just at Pride events but other community activities .

2018 LGBT Caucus Survey

As we did in 2017 we want your input as we move into 2018 and 2019 so please take a couple of minutes to answer our survey as to what issues or subjects you would like us to cover at our monthly meetings.

No Teleconference at the meeting

I do want to address why there was no teleconference or video-conference for tonight’s meeting. It needs to be known that the LGBT Caucus is the caucus that initiated the use of teleconference and was the largest caucus donor to the video-conference system that the Party now uses for all Party meeting. Given the complaints I have gotten about the lack of parking, free or otherwise, at DPH HQ compared to those that actually call-in when the LGBT Caucus meets at HQ I went and found a meeting location that was FREE location and had ample free parking. I went with them even though I could not guarantee I could make sure we had teleconference available. I split the baby (as it were) and given the turn out for tonight’s meeting I made the right decision. At a regular meeting we have around 10 members even though we have a lot more active members – aka they submit testimony or call their legislators. It needs to be noted that there is NOTHING in our By-Laws or even the DPH By-Laws that requires that Teleconference is available and if you have heard otherwise the person that told you that is not in the know. I was working up until 75 minutes before the meeting to have teleconference available but due to technical difficulties we were not able to provide it.

As I stated tonight I want our Membership Committee and Fundraising Committee to work with the DPH so neither do I nor any other future LGBT Caucus Chair has to make that same decision that I had to make for tonight’s meeting.

It does need to be noted, without naming names, the loudest of most of the couple of complaints I received about not having teleconference available came from folks that were not even members of the LGBT Caucus at the time of their initial complaint. Further investigation shows most of them never even took the time to sign our petition, that has been available over the last 2+ years, to ban conversion therapy, which we finally did this year. (Remember just because you are receiving this email does not mean that you are a member of the LGBT Caucus. You do need to click the link below my signature and fill out the membership form. It is not an application, because even if you are NOT a member of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i you are still as supporter. The only difference is that when it comes to official voting as a Supporter you cannot vote.)


I want to also address an issue that was brought up at tonight’s meeting by our Vice-Chair James Mateo, and I know it bears repeating, the MAJORITY of the work aka 95%, is not done at our meetings. The majority of the real work of the LGBT Caucus happens outside of our meetings and it done by a handful of us. Be it submitting testimony; showing up at Pride and marching in the Pride Parades or working our booths; or at another march or rally we are supporting; writing a letter to the editor about LGBTQIA issues; or one of the many other things that helps move equality forward, this is where the REAL work of the LGBT Caucus is done. We all know not everything we do appeals to everyone but it would be GREAT if those that were so interested about tonight’s meeting were even half-way interested in our other community activities.


The last thing that I want to address is the false narrative out there that there is a screening process to be a member of the LGBT Caucus. If you fill out the online form or the paper form available at any of our tabling activities, all we do is verify that you are a member of the DPH just to determine which category you fall into, but EVERYONE goes into our email database. If you stop receiving our emails it is because you hit unsubscribe or you emailed us and told us that you resigned from the LGBT Caucus.

So if you want to work with us please let us know what and how you can help, PLEASE fill out our survey, donate to the Caucus if you can, and tell a friend about the great work we are doing by forwarding one of our MANY emails. If not there I guess will see you on social media….

Mahalo nui loa!

Michael Golojuch, Jr. (He/Him)
LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i

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