Fixing the BAN to Conversion Therapy

TESTIMONY NEEDED in Support of HB 644 we are asking that you support the bill but also ask that you in your testimony that you support the LGBT Caucus’ recommendation for an amendment. Our amendment removes out dated language and simplifies the bill to BAN Conversion Therapy. #BornPerfect #LGBTCaucusPriorityBill

SAMPLE TESTIMONY:”I support HB 644 and ask that you follow the LGBT Caucus’ recommendation and amend the bill to clarify the language and simplify the bill.

Mahalo for your support”

Hearing: Thursday, 02-14-19 @ 9:31 AM in RM 329
Deadline to submit testimony: Thurs, 02-14-19 @ 8:00 AM


Suggested Amendment:

How to submit testimony: