Closing Out LGBTQIA+ History Month

Ending Period Poverty
LGBTQIA+ History Month
Looking for HMA Members
Openings on the Steering Committee
Vax UP, Mask UP, Wash UP…

We want to thank Sarah Diane Milianta-Laffin aka Mili for spending part of Saturday, October 16, 2021’s morning with the Stonewall Caucus for our October meeting and educating everyone on the need to #endperiodpoverty Click on the graphic to watch Mili’s very informative presentation.
If you want to donate to help until the state steps up and does the right thing you can donate here:

LGBTQIA+ History Month

Every October we celebrate & honor:

  • LGBTQIA+ History Month
  • National Coming Out Day (Oct 11th)
  • Spirit Day in support of LGBTQIA+ youth (Oct 21st)
  • Anniversaries for the Special Session that brought us Marriage Equality:

Voting for your favorite 2021 Honolulu Pride ‘Tiny Floats’ has been extended to October 30th. We want to thank Secretary Lynn Robinson-Onderko for taking the lead on our Tiny Float entry in the online 2021 Honolulu Pride Parade. Check out all the entries here and look for our logo as they are displayed randomly and you can vote for favorites.

Openings on the Steering Committee

With the updating of our Bylaws, click here to read them, that created new positions and the resignation of our 1st Vice Chair we have the following six (6) openings on the Stonewall Caucus’s Steering Committee:

  • 1st Vice Chair
  • East Hawai‘i County Representative;
  • Vice-Chair for Membership;
  • Vice-Chair for Communications; &
  • Vice-Chair for Fundraising

To learn more and/or apply for any of these positions click here. If you are thinking about running for Chair of the Caucus in 2022 this is a great way to get to know how the Caucus runs behind the scenes.

Vax UP, Mask UP, Wash UP &
Don’t show UP to large gatherings

If you, your friends, family and neighbors are able to get vaccinated please do so NOW! We also need EVERYONE to mask up (covering your nose and mouth) every time you leave your house, follow the gathering guidelines and practice physical distancing when you have to go out.

Find the nearest COVID vaccination sight to you by clicking here.

You or someone that you know needs help registering?
If you are age 65 or older, call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment and to access transportation services to and from your vaccine appointment. (They will take calls from those under 65 as well)

Need the vaccine brought to you or someone you know?

If they are under age 65, or would like an in-home vaccination, call (808) 586-8332 or (833) 711-0645 for help scheduling an appointment. Available Monday – Friday from 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Translators are available to be brought onto the line to assist in your language needs.

If you have other questions about the vaccine click here or talk to your doctor.

If you think you may have been exposed, not feeling great, or for your peace of mind find the nearest testing sight to you by clicking here.

PLEASE keep in mind that members of our own community are on the front lines EVERYDAY helping to fight back against this global pandemic and they NEED everyone of us to step-up and do the right thing! Which includes: wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly, practice physical distancing and only going out when you absolutely need to.

Tell your friends and family not to make excuses, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to get vaccinated. 

Have a SAFE and fun Halloween weekend! 

We hope that you will be able to join us for the November Stonewall Caucus meeting on Saturday, November 20th at 10 AM.

Mahalo nui loa!

Michael Golojuch, Jr. (He/Him/His)
ChairStonewall Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i

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State Convention Briefing

If you could not make the briefing click here for the recording and make sure your friends know about all the upcoming changes.

HMA Members Please Speak Out

It has come to our attention that the Hawaii Medical Association has hired Marc Alexander (anti-equality, anti-choice, sexual predator protector, & accused pedophile) as their new Executive Director. For those that do not know Marc led the battle against marriage equality and all LGBTQIA+ equality bills on behalf of his former employer – the Roman Catholic Church at the Hawai‘i State Legislature.
If you or someone you know is a member of the Hawai‘i Medical Association we are requesting that you contact the board directly to express your displeasure on this recent hire. If you or they want to go the extra mile, submit a letter to editor expressing your outrage/disappointment of Marc’s hiring.

DPH’s Fall Communication Fee Drive

To help keep the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i going one of the things the Party relies on is everyone that is able to is asked to donate their voluntary $25 Communications Fee (formerly known as Membership Dues). 

If you are able to and have not already done so for 2021 click here to make your donation.

The Party uses these funds to keep our Party going from paying for the website, keeping the database up to date and in working order, and all the other behind the scene things that allows us to operate as a Party so we can be Caucus. Without the Party’s support there is no way we would be able to operate and the Stonewall Caucus is Hawai‘i’s ONLY LGBTQIA+ focused policy, legislative, and political organization.  

As a Mahalo from the Stonewall Caucus to anyone that donates their voluntary Communications Fee using this link you will be listed (first name and last initial) as a co-sponsor for our 2022 State Convention activity. 

Mahalo for your consideration!

Michael Golojuch, Jr.


NOTICE: This solicitation is made on behalf of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i (DPH) for its federal fund. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to obtain and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer of individuals whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 for the year. Contributions from individuals are limited to $10,000 per year combined to state, district and local Party committees. Contributions from qualified Federal PACs are limited to $5,000 per year combined to state, district, and local party committees. Contributions from corporations, labor organizations, federal government contractors, foreign nationals, or contributions made in the name of another are prohibited. Contributions are not tax deductible.