Survey: Help Improve the Presidential Preference Poll

As the LGBT Caucus we talked about back in April 2016 the Presidential Preference Poll was not a pleasant experience for most of us. So our chair co-introduced a resolution to study and try and fix the PPP. Then at the 2016 Democratic Party of Hawai’i State Convention the delegates unanimously passed the resolution entitled GOV 2016-03 Ensuring Full Participation by Democrats in the Presidential Preference Poll, which can be found here: The Special Committee that was created by

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Are you being bullied?

Are you being bullied? There are lots of reasons people pick on their peers. Maybe it’s because you’re “different”. Or maybe it’s your sexual orientation, perceived or real. You may be thinking that no one will listen or understand what you’re going through. It’s possible that you’re thinking of leaving home, or worse, hurting yourself. These are all common situations and feelings. We can help and we can help you right now. Before you make your next move, check out

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