Bold Action Will Receive Bold Support

Bold Action Will Receive Bold Support

By: Chair Michael Golojuch Jr

It is time for all of our elected officials to learn a lesson from Hawai‘i’s history. No, I am not talking about the vaccine mandate instituted by King Kamehameha IV in 1854 to deal with the smallpox pandemic. I am referring to lessons learned during the fight for Marriage Equality just 8 short years ago.

As someone who was on the frontlines then I am seeing a lot of familiar faces pop-up again today. The pleasant surprise is that some of those that fought so hard against justice and equality then are now on the side of science. From BYU-Hawai‘i requiring vaccinations for all their students and staff, to Gary Secor, the Vicar General for the Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Honolulu, joining in the call for vaccinations along with other notable religious leaders. Not surprising is who was missing in that call or any call for vaccines and masks, that being the leaders of the prosperity ministries.

Those that were there at the Capitol or watching on TV will remember that there were a lot of false warnings of what would come to Hawai‘i when Marriage Equality would become the law of the land. They referred to death and destruction and now some of those exact same people are fighting to make that bleak dishonest future a reality by fighting against vaccinations for COVID-19 and mask mandates.

Like those that opposed justice and equality back then, today’s anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are a LOUD but VOCAL MINORITY. While they may have picked up some others in their fight against science they have lost more than they have gained.

Everyone, not just elected officials, need to remember that the elected officials that voted for Marriage Equality none of them lost re-election, the same cannot be said for those that voted and vocally campaigned against justice and equality. The same I know will hold true today when we see real world actions to deal with this ever-growing pandemic.

What Hawai‘i needs now is bold action and leadership to protect us from this pandemic and nothing should be off the table when dealing with the safety of our people and our state, this includes vaccine mandates, curfews, and distance learning for our keiki. These bold actions will require everyone else to take personal responsibility by:
Getting vaccinated;
Wearing masks properly every time we go out;
Washing up (can’t believe this has to be repeated, so often);
Practicing physical distancing when we do go out; and
NOT showing up to any large gatherings.

We can and will get through this but only by working together, and following the science.

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