2018 DPH State Convention Videos and Reports

To help prepare all the Delegates and Alternates for the 2018 DPH State Convention we have the following information:

Agenda for 2018 DPH State Convention


For more information about the 2018 DPH State Convention please visit the Party’s Website.

DPH Chair’s Race

To help everyone get to know the three candidates running for DPH Party Chair the LGBT Caucus held a candidate forum on May 19. Here are the videos for Keali’i Lopez & Gloria Borland, Tim Vandeveer was not able to make our forum.

Kealii Lopez – Candidate for Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i

Gloria Borland – Candidate for Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i

The Hawaiian Affairs Caucus also held a candidate forum on May 20 with all three candidates and here is the video for their forum:

Committee Reports

Besides the election of Party Chair & State Central Committee members the other main purpose of the DPH Convention is to review our foundational documents, they are our Affirmative Action Plan, Platform (the guiding principles of our Party), Rules (Constitution & Bylaws or how we are to operate as a Party) and Resolutions (which give action to our Platform or speak to items the Platform may be silent on).

Everyone is encouraged to review them even if you are not a delegate so you can see what is being proposed at the 2018 DPH State Convention.

Affirmative Action Plan 2018 Committee Report

Platform 2018 Committee Report: Proposed 2018 Platform

Rules 2018 Committee Report

Resolutions 2018 Committee Report

If you have any questions regarding these reports please email us or you can watch and/or listen to the Committee’s meetings here.